Targeting Everyone is Targeting No One

When you sit down to write a blog post or edit the pages of your website, are you trying to cast a wide net, to get as many followers/fans/readers as possible?

If so, I advise you to take a step back and think about your content from the consumer’s standpoint. When you’re reading blog or deciding between two vendors based on their web content, do you want a bunch of general information? Or do you want to feel heard?

As a consumer, you have specific needs and wants, and the right business will answer those with the proper solutions. They may even direct you in a better direction!

So, with that knowledge and point of view in mind, as a business, you should be targeting your ideal client with every piece of content that gets put out there, and doing so with intention.

The background of your ideal client, or targeted demographic, will tell you a lot about what you should be saying and how to say it. For example, if your favorite client is super down-to-earth and creative, don’t write content that’s very formal and conservative. It can be conversational, it should have a lot of imagery (whether literal or creative language), and should simply represent an actual interaction with that individual.

Similarly, stay true to the brand and voice you’ve set up internally, and with a branding company, you should ensure that every part of your company fits that message, down to the logo.

Do you think you need to re-think your content? Ask your customers for their feedback! It’s the best way to gather information and research before heading down a new path.


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