The 4 Steps to Starting Your Content Marketing Campaign

I work with a lot of business owners who know the value of content marketing (and in some cases, any type of marketing) but aren’t willing to jump in.

A Forbes article summarized the three main reasons businesses don’t start perfectly:

“First, they think they don’t have the budget for it, not realizing that it’s possible to get started on a campaign for next to nothing. Second, they’re intimidated by the length of time it generally takes to start seeing results from content marketing. Third, and most commonly, they simply don’t understand the strategy or know where to begin.”

The remainder of the article describes a lot of the strategy behind content marketing, in a way that’s easy to understand: content marketing is a game, and in order to win the game, you need to know the rules, your competition, your objectives, and the folk who’ve won before you. In other words:

  1. After speaking to an SEO expert, you should have a good idea of what’s a “blackhat” way of doing things that Google will reprimand in future algorithm changes, if they haven’t already.
  2. Who else are you in the arena with? A great way to start is to simply Google your top competitors – what are they doing that is working? Did you know that other businesses literally come out of the woodwork and top the folk you thought were your competition? Look at everyone with a marketing hat on to see who’s truly your competition.
  3. Emulate what you like, disregard what you don’t. Make sure that you have a clear objective, though. Don’t start marketing something that you don’t care to offer. Don’t compete with other businesses just to compete. You’ll definitely lose that battle.
  4. Is there someone in the industry you truly admire? Is there a company that does it right despite budget and may even be in a totally different industry? Probably. Watch what they do.




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