For Businesses

“I hate writing!”

“I can write but don’t have the time.”

I get it! Writing is not part of your day job, and yet it is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy.

Our Content Marketing Strategies include:

  1. Monthly or Quarterly eNewsletters – these include at least two articles and a testimonial or case study. Your consumers want to read how you’ve served others and how that story could apply to them. As with anything else in content, storytelling is what drives people towards a purchase.
  2. Content Calendar – planned out for the whole calendar year so that you know exactly what’s happening on your website and social media channels.
  3. Blogging – we do the writing for you! This includes curating content – we don’t try to reinvent the wheel, and neither should you. If someone has written something that’s related to your industry, we’re going to re-purpose it. There will always be a foundation to link to.
  4. Search Engine Optimization – We’ll make sure the content is optimized for the web and links properly both internally and externally (this incorporates keyword research and development). Linking to articles that are relevant to clients is important in growing your network as well as bringing the client back to your business as their go-to.
  5. Research Guest Blogging Opportunities – the chance to write for a complementary company’s site and social media, as well as for larger news organizations, is a privilege and is a win-win for you and the other party.
  6. Work with an awesome Social Media Guru and Photographer to integrate your website content, blogs, eNewsletters, imagery, and social media together into one cohesive brand for your customers to follow.
  7. Landing Page Copy – a big thing for most businesses is targeting their promotions towards the right consumer and, ideally, doing so in a way that truly attracts and pushes the consumer to purchase/make an investment of some sort. We make sure the landing page is up to snuff and help with ad copy as well!