Vision & Mission

Tone ‘n Touch Writing Services was started after I, Dina Hanna, realized that my SEO clients either detested writing, or just didn’t have the time. In an era where #ContentIsKing, these issues were hurting their ROI and business growth. Then, when a writer could be assigned to their project, the writer could not match the tone of the business and lacked the marketing background to optimize the content for the web and be able to engage with the target market.

In comes Tone ‘n Touch! With 10+ years experience in journalism, education, marketing, and content creation/curation, I know what the end consumer needs to stay engaged with a brand, and how to write as though I am the business.

Tone ‘n Touch’s mission is to create and curate content for your website and blog, and target your consumers in a manner that truly brings them down the sales funnel and to your doorstep (virtual or otherwise) to purchase.

My vision is for local businesses to truly help the economy grow through marketing their unique products and personalized customer service.

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